Immy Kaur

Co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham

Aude Charillon

Immy Kaur is passionate about building fairer, more equal and just cities through people, place and open movements. Immy’s work focuses on building teams who understand, embrace and experiment with the powerful role of producing, convening, building civic movements and infrastructure, complemented by the application of design and complex systems science to solve our cities wicked challenges.

Immy Kaur is co - founder of Impact Hub Birmingham, which is on a mission to help build a fairer, more equal and just city through people, place and open movements.

In 2014, Impact Hub Birmingham launched and successfully crowdfunded over £65,000 on Kickstarter, with more than 650 people backing the #EpicBrumcampaign.

Impact Hub Birmingham are actively trying to shift the paradigm of how change happens in places, and every day we work to create a sustainable business model that is systematically aligned to our mission. Impact Hub Birmingham describes itself as 'many things all at the same time, just like the city we call home.'

Currently Immy is co leading the development of a bold new vision and long term project to build the civic infrastructure for the 21st century neighbourhood & co - leading Impact Hub Birmingham’s open impact movements including #RadicalChildcare, DemoDev and Creative Resistance.

Immy is a member of Project 00, [zero zero] is a collaborative studio of architects, strategic designers, programmers, social scientists, economists and urban designers practicing design beyond its traditional borders, ventures include WikiHouse, Open Desk & more.

Immy is a member of Dark Matter Laboratories, who design institutional infrastructure for a distributed and collaborative future. DML work with partners, clients, and collaborators across the world, researching and developing new support frameworks for collaborative system change. Some of the teams latest work with Impact Hub Birmingham, includes the #RadicalChildcare Systems Lab.

Immy was licensee, curator and producer of TEDxBrum including the following major TEDxBrum between 2012 - 2017, with more than 3500 + attendees across the events.

Immy previously worked for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

In her free time Immy loves to cycle, run, play hockey and spend time with her partner, nieces and nephews, you can catch a glimpse over here.