Hannah Underwood

CEO, The Key

Amy O’Donnell

Hannah’s always been fascinated in how people learn, behave and develop. She became passionate about helping young people develop themselves and their future life chances.  Various jobs helped her learn all about how to run small businesses, how to measure performance and how to use data to improve and grow. The Key provided a spookily perfect challenge by bringing her passion for changing young lives together with her skills in leadership, innovation, business improvement and strategic growth modelling. She’s now a self-confessed charity data geek and has an unquenchable desire to improve as many young lives as is humanly possible.

Outside of running The Key (part time), Hannah’s been a Director of Datakind UK since 2013, the first chapter of DataKind an American NGO credited for initiating the ‘Data For Good’ movement. She and The Key had a catalytic experience when they took part in the 0th UK Data Dive as she’s been hooked ever since.

Hannah advises Newcastle University in the capacity of a Member Of Court, one of the statutory bodies of the University.