Franky Stephenson

Head of Business Intelligence, Anthony Nolan

Aude Charillon

I nursed in the health service for a decade, then got a BSc in Social Research from UNL. I spent 20 years with data at ONS, PHE, Cabinet Office. This let me answer interesting questions about health service management, vaccine safety, disease epidemiology. I also learnt how to commission, manage, migrate, develop and report from large databases and data streams. During my time at ONS, I got an MSc in medical statistics and epidemiology from the LSHTM.

At Anthony Nolan, I’m delivering the internal data strategy, currently in the second of five years. This journey at Anthony Nolan aligns three areas. Governance of our data is first in importance, it has established and nurtured our data community and culture while giving clear structures for privacy, information security and ownership. Secondly, we’re maturing our data management with sustained programs of development on operational data quality management and data warehousing for analysis. These are built from the ground up, directly from small team data needs then up through middle, senior and Board level requirements. The biggest challenges to this journey are the heterogeneity of our data systems, the fact that much of it is sensitive person identifiable data and that we have 40+ years of data and data systems.

Personally, my favourite bit comes next: we’re increasingly using the time released by clear governance and the data warehouse to develop ourselves into data scientists for the 21st century: producing predictive analytics, forecasting and interactive dashboards for decision making.