Ben Proctor

Technical Director, ODI-Cardiff / The Satori Lab Ltd

Amy O’Donnell

Ben is a member of the core team at Open Data Institute - Cardiff the ODI node in Wales. His background is in digital services development and communications in particular for and with local authorities across the UK. He specialises in issues related to data maturity, data driven decision making, improvement and innovation within organisations and has a particular interest in how open data can contribute to sustainable development and humanitarian action. Until 2015 he was head of web and communications at Herefordshire Council leading service transformation around open data and open services. He's worked on a range of data projects he including working on an investigation into data maturity in the voluntary sector along with DataKindUK and Data Orchard CIC, an open data for sustainable development project with the Brightspace Foundation and projects supporting transformation in a number of local authorities in England and Wales. He is also a director of The Satori Lab Ltd.