Aude Charillon

Library and Information Officer, Newcastle Libraries

Aude Charillon

Aude is a Library and Information Officer at Newcastle Libraries, the public library service of Newcastle upon Tyne. She is passionate about the right of citizens to access the information they need in order to make informed decisions. As an information professional it is her role to facilitate citizens’ access to information while taking a stand to protect their rights.

At Newcastle Libraries Aude’s responsibilities include the Business & IP Centre Newcastle, which provides business and intellectual property information and advice to inventors and small enterprises.

She is also interested in digital skills and online rights. She has led a project to publish Newcastle Libraries’ statistics as open data sets and to encourage citizens to re-use them.

Most recently she has pursued her interest in online privacy and data protection. She has been commissioned by the Carnegie UK Trust to create a set of resources to support UK public library staff in protecting the privacy of citizens who use library services.